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Contact our team to plan your seamless, five star event.
We'll create the perfect rental plan for you, or browse the inventory below.

Up Lighting to transform and awe.

With your choice of colors (even featuring pastels), our team will accent the architecture of your venue, and highlight key elements in a way that will bring it all together to create a magical atmosphere for your guests.

Starting at just $5.25 per light*, it's the
most efficient way to make any event
beautiful. Choose from our flat fixtures
and slim stud vertical lighting.

*Plus economical delivery.

Up Lighting
Red Carpet
Club Lighting
Stage Lighting

Rent tents for your event.

Choose from a variety of tent sizes to cover check in stations, buffet lines, entryways, and more. Prepare for all-weather situations with staked tents or weighted options. Rain or sun, we've got you covered!

Escape Rooms

Celebrate any season with a variety of incredible decor.
Our collection of seasonal decor will make your event the most memorable of the year! From a 50' winter snowy forest, to a full-scale Haunt Park, we'll be able to serve your seasonal needs flawlessly. Contact us directly for more information!

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