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Here are some incredible items to boost your event. All décor we offer has some element of customization, so rest easy knowing we'll match your event's palette and theme to your specification. Just let us know what you'd love to see.

Luminescent Swirl Columns

These beautiful and modern columns come in white fabric with the option of any colors glowing from within. Each measures 8’ in height. Indoor preferred.  Starting from $30 per column (setup included) + delivery

Glowing Arc Columns

These modern and sleek columns come in light white fabric with the option of any colors glowing from within, including UV/black light. Columns are inflated with a steady-on fan, so a light blowing noise may be audible. Each measures 8’ in height.

Luminescent Beacon Columns

Our vibrant columns can be spread all across your event to create a uniform theme. Featuring any color you want, they glow from within and can pulse, strobe, or change. Standing 8' tall, each column is inflated constantly and must be plugged in. Outdoor usage requires them to be tethered to the ground, whereas indoors they can be 100% freestanding. Starting from $30 per column (setup included) + delivery

Regal Square Columns

These stunning, regal columns come in light white fabric with the option of any colors glowing from within. Each measures 8’ or 9’ in height, your choice. Indoor preferred.

Customizable Archway

This remarkable circular archway stretches a full 10’ wide and can come in a variety of colors. Get our white luminescent arch to showcase your choice of glowing colors from within – even have the archway swirl and change colors to fit your event! Or request a black glittery archway for a different kind of elegance. Solid metal frame construction at your event.  View interactive color samples / customization here! Starting from $80 per piece + delivery (setup included)

Large Inflatable Archway

There’s no doubt this 15’ wide archway will inspire awe at your event. It needs at least 9.5’ of height clearance, and glows and flashes and waves any color you'd like. Inflatable construction, may be staked down outdoors. View interactive color samples / customization here! Starting from $80 per piece + delivery (setup included)

Solid White Textured Wall Stage Backing

This wall of modern squares is supported by trussing and measures up to 20' across, with any height up to 12’. Segments can be split into thirds and angled to create unique stage setups. It can be lit with a variety of colors and patterns to create a stunning modern display. Request a quote for more accurate pricing

Modern Squares Wall Backdrop

This wall of modern squares extends between black metal poles and measures 10’ across, with any height up to 12’. It can be lit with a variety of colors to create a stunning modern display. Starting from $60 per piece + delivery (setup included)

White Trees

Our glamorous trees glow in a cool white color, perfect for your seasonal event. Measuring 7’ in height, false snow can be added to their bases to create an ideal wonderland. Starting from $20 per piece + delivery (setup included)

Forest Trees

Our genuine wood trees stand tall at multiple heights for a realistic look, and bolster branches of faux greenery. Use them for the winter holidays, or in a nature theme event, event for a spooky Halloween forest feel. Heights of trees range from full 10' tall, 8' tall, and 5' tall. 10' trees can have caps removed to stand floor-to-ceiling in an 8' height room to give the illusion of lush coverage. (4* 10' trees, 3* 5' trees, 1* 8' trees) Starting from $20 per piece + delivery (setup included)

Glowing Illuminated Skyline

This custom black skyline glows with the amber lights of the city. Combine it with our neutral sky coloring and add lights in your choice of colors (changing colors as well!), and you have a beautiful 10’ display for the rear of a small stage. Inquire about alternate sizing/uses. Starting from $80 per piece + delivery (setup included)

Illuminated Stars

Add these 6' wide glowing stars to any theme party, dancefloor, or around a stage setup for an eye-catching, unique look! Customizable with any color or fade-function.
As they are inflated throughout your event, be sure to plan on a slight 'fan' noise. It is not noticeable when music is playing at concerts, shows, or parties! 
Starting from $40 per piece + delivery (setup included)

Beautiful Up-Lighting

Illuminate the features of your venue, and highlight you event’s focal points. Your choice of any color(s) including pastels. Starting from $5.25 per light + delivery (setup included)

Colored Fog Blasts/Plumes

Fog blasts are illuminated with your choice of colors, and can be synchronized with your show, concert, or anything else you’d like. Starting from $45 per blast + delivery (setup included)

Slim Lighting Stands

Illuminate a stage or any space with a vertical lighting stand. Its slim profile and height keep our modern fixtures out of view of your guests, and projects a stunning wash of light onto a stage or focal point of your choice. Lighting can be any color, or multiple colors, and you can opt to have it be controlled (fade/dim, color change, move to music) throughout your event.

16' Indoor/Outdoor Screen

This enormous screen with 16' feet diagonal dimension can be inflated anywhere and includes stakes and tie-downs. Full dimensions are 160" x 110" and the screen itself, within the frame, features a 12' dimension. Front or rear projection.


Screen: $95

Projector: $95

Speaker: $50 per 15" speaker

Audio mixer: $10

Basic movie package w/ 1 speaker: $290 (includes $40 delivery charge added on quote)

Twinkling Starlight Laser

The magical twinkle of these laser lights looks just like a sky full of glittering stars. Projected onto an overhanging canopy, trees, or other surface, they're sure to add incredible atmosphere to your next event. (Green laser coloring, adjustable twinkle speed)

Chain Link Fence set

Use this 4 pc chain link decor to accent any stage. Add some lighting behind it for a great effect, and add decor such as our street signs and fire hydrant for a city look.

Vintage Carnival Stage Banners

Enter the world of an antiqued carnival, complete with larger-than-life stage banners of vintage "freakshow" acts, and a 9' tall circus tent that can be walked through to enter the stage or scene. These items are all distressed to look old and "grungy" for an edgy show, Halloween act, or something entirely of your own creation. Combine with several of our other props, barrels, fences, and more to have a seriously zany hodge-podge circus scene for some twisted clowns to perform in. Accommodates stages up to 50'.

Harvest Cornfield

Celebrate the fall season with a dried cornfield scene including haybales, barrels, wagon wheels, and more. To finish off the scene, we'll add an 8.5' tall metal and wood windmill. Mix and match as you'd like. Use this scenery at a fall event, Halloween display, or in a stage production.

Inflatable Snowmen

These fun snowmen in varying heights glow in the night and stand 4 - 7 feet tall.

Jack-O-Lantern Trees with Boxes

These incredible scene-setting trees stand up to 12’ full feet tall, and hang down naturally with beautiful full greens. Dozens of glowing jack-o-lanterns flicker in each tree as they look down over your haunted scene. Each tree is “planted” in a 4’x4’ box with faux grass/plant life coming out of the top for a seamless “real” feel. Two additional boxes house the same green surface and feature flickering pumpkins nestled into the greens. The scene comes complete with blue and orange lights that flicker down from within the leaves, and cast beautiful and haunting shadows on your guests. These are sure to ‘wow’ your guests and delight everyone at any Halloween event.

Ghostly Shipwreck Lighting Stands

Imagine walking under water as the torn sails of ships lost-at-sea and pirate flags wave above you. Barrels line the path and skeletal pirates watch. This is a first-rate scene including UV/black lighting, and water lights attached to each of 3 panels raised up to 12’ above your guests. A perfect scene for a fun Halloween, or any event where ghostly a ghostly pirate theme is needed.

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