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Stage Lighting Packages: Pure Professionalism for your show or ceremony.

Trust our team to deliver a supreme stage lighting experience. All of our setups feature the latest in stunning lighting technology suspended up to 12' above your stage, illuminating both the front and rear stage creatively.

From award ceremonies to local band performances, to your own concert or the fashion show of the season, we will prepare, setup, and run an incredible lighting/decor display that will set your event apart from everything else.

Once we arrive, each setup is customizable with colors, patterns, effects, movements, and so much more. An attendant will control all aspects of your stage lighting and fog effects during your event including blackouts, cue changes, theme evolutions, etc.


Playing music? Your lights will sync perfectly! Need spotlights? We have you covered. Industrial black lights? We've got 'em. What else can you ask for to supremely wow your audience?!


Trust us with to take your stage and add the perfect elements at your future events!

Lighting Your Main Stage

Add a lighting stand on either side of your stage (with up to 4 lights per stand). Towering up to 12' above your audience, each stand will illuminate your stage from the front without blocking anyone's view. Opt to have your fixtures wirelessly controlled by a team member for fade-and-dim or color-change interactivity.

Stage Decor and Rear-Lighting

Line the rear of your stage with metal truss to hold lighting concert-style. Order trussing ranging from 10 feet across up to accommodations for 55 foot wide stages. Our team will assemble a lighting rig with bright, professional fixtures that can be customized completely for your theme or show. Mix in our illuminated decor for award show or concert visuals.

Mix + Match Lighting Fixtures

We've got variety! Email or call us with questions, we're happy to help and plan your perfect setup!

Add Effects To Your Package

Your stage lighting will look outstanding with fog or haze which makes the light beams truly pop. Can my event handle fog?

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