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  • Up to 16 blasters per rental (2 colors available)

  • Inflatable and safe bunkers in black and yellow (must be staked to ground)

  • "How to play" rules and safety banners with themed rotating training video

  • Black light cannons to fill any space with glowing neon colors

  • 15' Nighttime entryway arch

  • Inflatable "crashed UFO" themed decor

  • Effect lighting (flashing alarm lights)

  • An audio track or speaker for music to play to

  • Referee to initiate games

  • Waivers for all players, or parents of players under 16


Our laser tag rentals vary slightly from classic laser tag in that there are no vests (your blaster is your target), and the 'arena' is based on a unique location or open area at your event.


Up to 16 players (two teams of 8, or individual players) can enter your arena space at a time (depending on available size). The game can be set for a timed round, and allows each player to take either 10 or 25 hits before their blaster illuminates and they are out of the game. The team who is taken out last is the winner, or the player who remains at the end of the game wins that round. There are several play options, and all are memorable and fun!

  • "Last Player Standing", "Last Team Standing", "Survive a 5 minute round"


  • Each blaster has one main target (there are no suits/vests!)

  • Blasters talk to each player, telling them when they are in firing range ("Danger!") and make fun "hit" and "fire" sound effects. When your blaster has been hit a certain number of times, it lights up and you are out of this round.

  • Features:

    • Trigger button​

    • Reload button (after 10 shots, you must reload!)

    • Shield button (can be used once per round)

    • Exciting audio effects

    • Glows in Black light

    • Harmless UV targeting (instead of laser beams)

"Every Player for Themselves" or "Green vs. Orange" are available game-play options. Both do not keep track of your score, but do al

The thrill of Laser Tag - fun for all ages!

Rent our laser tag blasters and bunkers to get an exciting laser tag experience for your event.
Set up in any location, and defend your blaster to "stay in the game!"


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