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The Best Halloween Parties

Choose from these essential decor + photo station packages for an outstanding spooky party.

For haunted houses, scarezone props and other haunted attractions, visit Haunt Helper.

Photo booth rentals can be delivered in these packages throughout Fall; these packages only on select dates:
2018 DATES: 10/17-11/4   2019 DATES: 10/15-11/3

Pick-a-Theme Party


  • You choose a theme, and we’ll bring a selection of props and decor to make your party extra creepy! You can always add your own little decorations, and rent the big scary stuff from us.

  • Choose from themes like:

    • Zombies  fences, barrels, barricades, etc) + animatronic zombies

    • Asylum  blue bloody curtains, gore tables, etc) + animatronic creepers

    • Clowns  jack-in-the-box, cage, red+white stripe stuff, etc) + animatronic clowns

    • Ghost pirates  treasure chests, cages, skeletons, etc) + animatronic skelly-pirates

    • Pumpkins alive  trees, hay bale, jack-o-lanterns, etc) + animatronic plant monsters

    • Swampy forest  pine trees, giant spiders, small bonfire, etc

    • Ancient cornfield  rows of dried cornstalks, hay bales, skulls, barrels, wagon wheels

  • The possibilities are endless! Email us with what you’d like to get more details on what we can provide.

To reserve your unique Spooktacular package, email us at

We are happy to answer any questions you may have!

These packages are not coupon-eligible. Must be reserved and paid for in advance. Quantities are limited.  

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