Will will customize all aspects of your kiosk. View template samples here:

To customize your kiosks, contact our team today!

We'll design it, included.


  • Complete customization of kiosk

    • A variety of field types​

    • Custom logo

    • Fonts, text color, size

    • Background color, photo, theme

  • Instant email responses and notifications

    • Email users with any text and graphics​

  • Multi-page forms

  • Spreadsheet data for all submissions

  • Auto refresh after each guest's use

  • List questions and describe attributes and we'll design for you

Touchscreen Kiosks, Customized and Delivered

Lots of events require stations for guests to enter information, sign up, sign waivers, or view web pages.

Our kiosks use iPad screens familiar to your guests, and come pre-loaded with any type of interactive display.