Terms & Process: "Upgraded Photo Storage"

1. To add the deal, request a quote online, select a Photo Booth for your event, then on page 2 select "Promo". Enter the promotion code. Alternately, mention your interest in this promotion to a representative prior to your event.
Your photo storage access will be extended to a full 120 days after your event date. Enjoy 4 months of unlimited access and link-sharing.
Can not be combined with any other upgrades, discounts, or promotions.

2. Can be redeemed at infinityeventstudio.com/quote during qualified promotion period as set by Infinity Event Studio. Promotion period determined by quote builder and the appearance of promotion messages on site. Promotion has no cash value and may not be added retroactively or after 90 day hosting period expires. Must be added during quoting process.

Infinity Event Studio reserves the right to determine pricing and to alter terms, promotion period, promotion value, event date availability, and all aspects of this promotion without notice or warning. Our team remains committed to getting you the best service and value at a truly fair price.